Special Opportunity

We are offering a limited exclusive arrangement for shoe retailers and manufacturers. Please contact us for details!

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Our Customers

Our long list of customers includes hospitals, R&D departments of shoe manufacturers, universities, custom shoe manufacturers and shoe retailers. The following is a sampling of our customer lineup.


PokoaPoko: Seller of pumps and orthotics.


Rundesign: Provider of custom orthotics. Analyzes walking and running technique of customers, and provides consultation to offer the best fitting running shoes.


Tis: Sells custom orthotics and orthopedic shoes (the store sends data, and the shoemaker uses the navigation system to identify the best shoe).


US Sports: Sporting goods store provides custom orthotics and custom-made orthopedic shoes.


Youel: Orthopedic shoe shop uses shoe navigation system to link with the shoemaker and find the best fitting shoe available. If the shoe is not in stock, they can order it.