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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a 3D foot scan better than other methods, like measuring pressure points?

The Footstep PRO measures three-dimensionally, from toe to heel, top and back side of feet, and even the Achilles along with pressure points of feet, resulting in helping you to find the best fitting orthotics and shoes.


2. How soon will I get them?

3 business days after receiving the order.


3. Are they more expensive than what I have bought in the past?

It depends on the type of orthotics you have, but in most cases the cost of our orthotics are very competitive in the market.


4. Have foot studies been done regarding your custom orthotic?

We researched over 10,000 feet, in both men's and women's shoes. Based on the research, we can provide the best custom-made orthotics available in the industry.


5. Are there any studies on the effectiveness of your orthotic for different types of treatments?

We are working with chiropractors and podiatrists on these studies. Please contact us for more information.


6. Can you provide different orthotic materials depending on the application, like running shoes, dress shoes?

Yes, we can. Besides our standard orthotics made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), we can customize your orthotics from various kinds of materials. Please contact us for more information.


7. Do any other companies provide 3D scanning in the market other than you?

Yes, but other laser scanners on the market today can only measure the bottom of the foot, and they are not able to analyze precise data of the entire foot like our Footstep PRO.


8. Does your orthotic fit any shoe style?

Yes, in most styles of shoes, excluding sandals.