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Footstep PRO Benefits for Shoe Manufacturers

Our "Shoe Navigation System" is currently being utilized by a custom shoe manufacturer in Japan. This system matches shoe data with foot data measured by the Footstep PRO to point customers to the shoe(s) that will best fit them. After incorporating this system into their sales process, this manufacturer has experienced a dramatic decline in merchandise returns and an increase in customer loyalty. The attention and customer satisfaction gained from the use of this system has resulted in new customers and sales growth. Currently, this manufacturer has over 100 Footstep PRO units networked with the system.


DreamGP can help you develop your own Shoe Navigation System. Below are images of the monitor from the system used by a leading shoe manufacturer from Japan. They have implemented our Footstep PRO and Shoe Navigation System at their over 100 stores all over Japan and drastically increased their annual sales and customer satisfaction.